My name is Laura Jane but I am also known as The Girl! I am the founder and creator of Girl Behind The Look …a place where everyone has access to a personal stylist… Me!

Based in London, I live a double life. By day I’m a fashion buyer for a British retailer, by night a stylist and I always live my life by my own motto… “Attention is in the detail”.

What is Girl Behind The Look all about?

Girl Behind The Look is your go to place for all your styling advice! You know those moments when you go to your wardrobe and just feel that you have nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is bursting full of clothes, well Girl Behind The Look is here to help!

Have you said any of these things in the last 6 months?

  • I just have nothing to wear!
  • I hate everything in my wardrobe!
  • I just don’t have time to search for something, it’s only 3 days away!
  • I don’t know if this suits me?
  • I need to organise my wardrobe!
  • What is my style?
  • What body shape am I?
  • I hate my body!
  • I just need some fashion advice and help!

Well ladies help is here!

At Girl Behind The Look, I am like a knight in shining armour, ok well not literally but I am here to offer help, advice, guidance and just good old plain honesty!

I am passionate about you, I want to help you feel beautiful, organised but most of all confident in your body, wardrobe and style!

So where did it all start…

Well I guess you could say that it was from an early age, you see I have always been interested in fashion. When I was a little girl everything had to go together, every detail had to be right. Even when colouring in; the coloured pen always had to stay within the lines. This path of colouring then led me into art, textiles and fashion.

At the age of 18 I started to study fashion and by 20 I was in the city of smoke (also known as London) studying Product Design Development for the Fashion Industries at London College of Fashion.

In my final year I specialised in fashion for everyone regardless of body shape and created a collection that made it easier for women to identify if each piece was right for them.

Since graduating attention to detail has become even more part of my life, as I became a fashion buyer for a British fashion store creating a successful career for myself.

In 2010, I craved a little more creativity and in my spare time I started fashion styling which is where Girl Behind The Look started. My work as a stylist has allowed me to work with some talented people including new fashion designers and musicians that have been featured in magazines.

Here is a little bit of my work...

Editorial Fashion Styling
Editorial Fashion Styling
Editorial Fashion Styling
Editorial Fashion Styling
Editorial Fashion Styling
Editorial Fashion Styling
Editorial Fashion Styling

Want to see more of my work?

I started Blog Behind The Look in 2012 to share and give an insight into my world as a stylist. Over the past 4 years Blog Behind The Look has evolved to be something that I truly love as it has become a place where I can share my thoughts on designers collections and campaigns, celebrity style, how to create looks and what inspires me as a creative person.

Why Girl Behind The Look, what makes it me different?

Well as you can see, I have a lot of experience in fashion…

I care about you, how you feel now and I want to help you feel different about yourself and your wardrobe.

I offer you help, advice and fashion solutions that are delivered to you in a passionate, honest and thoughtful way as that is part of my personality. Together we will work towards creating your perfect wardrobe and style identity!

Question is how can I help you? Why not get in contact and tell me?

"Every woman is beautiful no matter what shape or size you come in and I feel that it should be celebrated!"

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